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Frank Eickhoff


»Interpolated Natures«
Group exhibition at Galeri Gi Berlin.
Opening December 1st 2018
Press Release

»Self-Driving Artist«
Solo exhibition at frontviews Remise Berlin.
Opening June 30th 2018


Medieval Landscape, 2018, mixed media installation, variable size

Medieval Landscape, 2018, detail

Medieval Landscape, 2018, detail

Untitled, 2018, fine art print, 20 x 24 cm

Untitled, 2018, fine art print, 20 x 24 cm

Untitled, 2018, fine art print, 20 x 24 cm

La Japonaise: Woman beside the Water, 2018, mesh banner, 950 x 600 cm

Jungle, 2014, mixed media installation, size variable

Painting, 2015, mixed media installation, 150 x 11000 cm

POV (Human Body), 2015, mixed media installation, 50 x 50 x 130 cm


frontviews, Berlin



Frank Eickhoff lives and works in Berlin.


2000-2005 Media Art, University Art and Design and ZKM (Center for Art and Media), Karlsruhe, Germany
with Boris Groys, Peter Sloterdijk, Ulay, Michael Saup
1999-2000 Art Academy Düsseldorf, Klasse Klaus Rinke
1998-1999 TV Technician, Düsseldorf, Germany


2009-2010 Startup Fund of the Berlin Senate for "Augmented Photography"
2008 Startup Fund of the Research and Science Center Juelich for "Augmented Photography"

Exhibitions (solo)

2018 Self-Driving Artist, frontviews Remise, Berlin
2014 Apparently, cemeteries are full of napping cops, Lage Egal, Berlin
2012 Heads it's Form, Tails it's not Content, Fischerundfischer, Berlin
2011 Paradox der Form, MK-Galerie / frontviews, Berlin
2010 The Hat Matter, Fischerundfischer, Berlin

Exhibitions (group)

2018 Interpolated Nature, Galeri Gi, Berlin
2016 Printage, Projektraum-Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin
dead birds, Fondation Ricard, Paris, France
True Mirror, Espace Commines, Paris, France
2015 Les Enfants De Bötzow, Lage Egal, Berlin
High Pressure Systems, frontviews temporary, Berlin
Forth under, skip down, frontviews temporary, Berlin
2014 Integrale Realität, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
For Jean B, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
2012 Meta-Ikon, frontviews temporary, Berlin
Le Trac, frontviews temporary, Berlin
Frank Eickhoff, David Matorin + My%Desktop von Jodi, Fischerundfischer, Berlin
Slide Show, frontviews temporary / Daily Lazy, Berlin / Athens
Aus der Zeit, frontviews temporary, Berlin
Cliffhanger, Minken & Palme, Berlin
2011 Nouveaux Art Nouveaux, Tape, Berlin
2004 Ohne Titel, Hinterconti, Hamburg
13AXS, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
2003 Here we come, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Bonn
Opernfraktal 21 Tage, Kunstraum, Düsseldorf
digital sparks award,
2001 Saldo-Optorama, Kunstverein Oberhausen, Oberhausen


2018 Self-Driving Artist, catalog, self published
2014 We need an art of communication in order to navigate the entire picture of being, exhibition text by Anja Wiesinger, self published
2010 Paradox der Form, catalog with a text by Max Benkendorff "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch", self published
2005 Terminal Rasa, Paper, Linux Audio Developer Congress, ZKM
2004 I'd rather sink, than call brad for help, JUNI Kunst-Zeit-Schrift, Kunstverein Karlsruhe


2008 blue/dense, with André O. Moeller and Erik Drescher, Ausland, Berlin
2006 chop shop, concert series with Travis Just and Kara Feely, studio Obentrautstrasse, Berlin
2005 rikskonsterter, with André O. Moeller and Erik Drescher, Elektronmusikstudion EMS, Stockholm, Schweden
2003 bludenzer tage zeitgemäßer musik, with André O. Moeller and Erik Drescher, REMISE Bludenz, Österreich
2002 John Cage- Four 5 x 5, Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin


2006 Eickhoff, Vortisch & Just, Object Collection, New York, USA
2004 blue/dense, André O. Möller, CD, Edition Wandelweiser Records, Düsseldorf
1999 Untitled No. 1-3, Tape Records, Düsseldorf


All images are copyrighted © by Frank Eickhoff. The use of any image from this site is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained.